June Morrow March 2022

I’m June Morrow, a non-denominational agent of inspiration; singer, songwriter, and wanna-be-better guitar player; lifelong writer and lover of words; and, communications mentor for heart-centered entrepreneurs.

Nothing makes me happier than sharing something I’ve learned in a way that helps people take those first, second, or 588th beautiful steps toward expressing their truth and living in alignment with the person they were meant to be.

Change is my bitch and my best friend.

Every time I’ve ignored her, she’s kicked me in the ass.  Every time I’ve listened, no matter how frightening her requests have seemed, she’s paved my way.

We’ve had quite the adventure so far.

I’ve had over 20 jobs including stripper, journalist, editor, playwright, stand-up comic, DJ, web designer, fitness instructor, communications consultant, dating coach, public servant, and marketing strategist. (If that first job piqued your interest, watch this video about how I went from being a stripper to being a journalist.)

I’ve been married and divorced twice, dated and slept with more men than I’m comfortable disclosing (but you can read about some of them in my 2017 autobiographical dating guide Love Lessons from a Lap Dancer).

I’ve immersed myself in subcultures (Burning Man, neo-vaudeville circus and burlesque, and the world of personal growth), shed social groups and found new ones, and had about 2 million different hairstyles along the way.

But the one thing that has been consistent throughout is a calling to share my experiences in a way that inspires others.

Today I am reinventing my life yet again, heading the call of Change whispering in my ear “move to the ocean” and “speak your truth” and “help others speak their truths.”

And, as I do this, I am committing (as scary as it is) to be more open, vulnerable, and truthful: in this blog, in my business, and in my life.

I am shedding the fear behind people-pleasing, perfectionism, and other things that have been keeping me stuck, learning how to love and cherish the scared little girl inside, and stepping into the best version of who I am and who I can be.

And so that’s what this blog is about – uncensoring myself; letting go of outdated patterns and beliefs; letting in new people, experiences, and ways of being; fulfilling a life-long dream to live on the East coast of Canada; and, letting Love do the rest.

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